Coast to Coast 1991


Saturday 22nd June 1991        :        5.5 miles        :        Sunny and warm

Photo of the Day

St. Bees and the beach from South Head
St. Bees and the beach from South Head

Day One

This is my 2nd crossing of the Coast to Coast walk and here is my diary from when I did it. Got up 8:30am, feeling tired. Had breakfast, then got the bus to Stockton High St. Walked to the rail-station for the 9:13am train to Carlisle via Newcastle upon Tyne. The train was empty up to Sunderland, where people going to work and shopping got on. The train pulled into Newcastle Central Station when the next crowd of people got on, this I did mind too much. But the Kid was crying for 80 minutes, I was getting a bit fed up with it.

Arrived at Carlisle Station for 12:10pm, however my next connection for Whitehaven was at 12:55pm. This takes at least 1hr-20 mins, then after arriving in Whitehaven, got a Taxi to St. Bees seafront. Then dipped my boots in the nearest pool of water, sort of cheating a bit. But the tide was right out and was the next best thing to do.

I picked a pebble from the beach , took a photograph and set off to walk the Coast to Coast. Climbing steadily to up the cliff top, where there was good views along the coast to the South. I then dropped down into Flizzwick Bay, then a steep climb out heading towards the lighthouse. From here, turned towards to Sandwith. Here I was booked into Mrs. Jackson, The Lodge guest house and had trouble trying to find it, a good start. Anyway, I decided to telephone from the call-box. (no mobile phones then) I did find it and afterwards went to the Dog and Partridge for a bar-meal, though the pub was a bit noisy with Kids running around. But the day was enjoyable and looking forward to my walk into Lakeland.


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